Desires can be achieved if you ask the Universe in this way


Surely you have asked yourself at least once if desires can really be achieved and how to ask something of the Universe and make it give us an answer, am I wrong?
In this period many of us are focusing on what we want to achieve in the near future.
After reading millions of books and articles, we now find ourselves with a lot of confusion in our heads. We feel the need to be able to access a simple and effective method to achieve our most beautiful goals and dreams. It would be great if there were a technique that could fulfill our deepest desires…. I use a beautiful one!
Desires can really be achieved

I’m talking about the 101 Wishes Ritual.

A technique that helps us achieve our desires, finds its origin in Eastern countries and is based on the Law of Attraction. This technique has been extensively described and dissected by Igor Sibaldi, to help people achieve their goals.

So many of us are often almost afraid to express our desires. We don’t push ourselves to want big and we think we don’t deserve it.
Or, we think that we will never have the opportunity to procure the means to get to what we want. So we self-sabotage and deprive ourselves of desiring!

What I want to give you today is the possibility of having access to the abundance of the Universe. Know that it is a place where there are resources for all of us we just have to dare to ask!
The first thing to do is to get 2 notebooks. As we will see, one will serve for the draft and one for the beautiful copy, if you like also take a new pen dedicated to this. On the ugly notebook you will have to write 150 wishes.

There are so many and at a certain point you will feel like you don’t have any more but we have to think big so start writing!

Of course you don’t have to write them all in one day.
However, there are rules in the drafting of desires to be respected. Let’s see them together

There is a special way to formulate our desires which consists in:

1. It should be used the imperative “I want” there is no room for the I would like or I would like that.

2. Never use the “not”, everything always goes positive. For example: Instead of writing “I don’t want to lose my hair” write “I want to have healthy and thick hair”.

3. Studies have verified that with one breath you can say 14 words. 14 are the maximum number of words that should be used when writing a wish
4.Chain wishes “I want a yellow sweater” I want a blue sweater are also to be avoided”

5. Never ask for money but instead ask for the things for which you need money. The Universe will give us the necessary means to get what we want. Money is a means!

6. Another thing to never do is to wish to have another person’s things by writing his name. Attention! we could attract many more things about you, for example your problems.
7. Desires must be verifiable and precise. It is not enough to write “I want to be happy” you have to go specifically “I want to be happy with my new blue bike”

8. Desires are personal because we cannot interfere with the will of other people. At the very least, we can express the desire to help another person achieve his or her goal.

9. Desires related to love or couple relationships should never be expressed.
Desires can be achieved, then?

Once you have reached 150 start copying them in the beautiful notebook until you get to 101. Some will therefore remain in the ugly notebook, those will be our spare desires should be copied 4 wishes per page and leaving a space between one and the other.

When the desires written in beautiful begin to be realized you can delete them. Below you will write one of the spare wishes that you find in your draft notebook.
Now to activate the process of desires do nothing but reread your desires every day feeling in your heart as if they were already realized!

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